Revolutionising Swimwear. 

Eco-Conscious. Sustainable. Iconically Aussie. 

That’s Good On Ya.

Who We Are 

Good On Ya is an Aussie brand on a mission to create the best swimwear. Ever. Sounds simple, right? But, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes to create the ultimate pair of budgie smugglers to completely redefine swimwear.

Let us start from the beginning… every Summer we’d spend our time searching for new swimwear, but there was always something not quite right. Either the fit was off, the design was boring, they’d wear down after just a few uses or they were horrible for the planet.

Australia is known for their long hot summers and iconic budgie smugglers, right?

So why couldn’t we find the right pair? 

So we did things the hard way and decided to create our very own. Our top-secret swimwear scientists spent YEARS designing the ultimate pair of budgie smugglers. The pair that looks good in all the right places. The pair that was made using long-lasting, high-quality materials. 

The pair that loves all shapes and sizes. The pair that wasn’t just good for the planet but actively worked to make it better.

And we don’t just stop there. No way! Every aspect of Good On Ya, from manufacturing to packing and shipping, has been designed to minimise our impact on the environment.

So when you wear Good On Ya, the planet says Good On Ya.

Founded in Sydney, Australia, and spotted on coastlines all over the world, Good On Ya is making the biggest splash in swimwear. 

Join us to Revolutionise Swimwear

What we do

We’re committed to creating quality swimwear that doesn’t cost the planet. And we need YOU to be part of the movement. 


We know you haven’t found the ultimate pair of budgie smugglers yet. How? Because we couldn’t either! 

Our team of swimwear scientists spent years designing the Good On Ya brand. We needed our design to tick all the boxes. Good On Ya is ultra-comfy made with material which almost feels like a second skin. The design is supportive in all the right places- and by that we mean butt sculpting and package hugging. Plus, we’re committed to creating designs that work for all shapes and sizes. From dad-bod to Chris Hemsworth, we’ve got you covered (literally). 


Did you know that most swimwear is made of plastic? Yep. It’s not good for the planet and it’s not good for creating that ultimate fit. We’re ditching all plastic waste and using exclusively 100% biodegradable and sustainable materials. Over the past few years, we’ve worked alongside our incredible team in Brazil to source this game-changing material, Eco-Yarn, to bring you the comfiest pair of budgie smugglers you’ve ever worn- whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Manly - Good on ya

To sum it all up, we create the ultimate, eco-friendly swimwear that you’ll never want to take off.