Find your Perfect Pair

We’re saying adios to awkward-fitting, plastic-filled, unflattering swimwear. It’s time for a new era of swimwear. It’s time for Good On Ya.

Which fit is for me?

Our most-forgiving swimmers!

The Manly covers more flesh with a square cut. The side seam measures 9 cm across the whole side band.

This style will help you feel more confident if you don’t want to show as much thigh flesh or perfect if you’re after more support.

The in-betweeners – where style meets standard.

The Coogee is our mid-line style cut. The side seam measures 7 cm with a stylish yet modest curve to a 6 cm width toward the hip.

Designed to suit most body types. Not too revealing and not too much coverage.

If you’ve got it – flaunt it!

The Bondi style is a hi-cut style brief. This is our narrowest design with a side seam of 7 cm that curves upwards to a 4.5 cm width toward the hip.

Great for:

  • Guys with big thighs who need more room for their legs
  • Making your legs appear longer (these are the ones for guys with shorter legs)
  • Those who like to show a bit more flesh